Goosebumps™ Titles that Just About Sum Up My Life Right Now (with Annotations)

• Night of the Living Dummy (me)
• Deep Trouble (I'm in it)
• Why I'm Afraid of Bees (don't ask)
• My Hairiest Adventure (it's out of control)
• The Beast from Out East (also me)
• Don't Go to Sleep! (I don't)
• The Haunted Car (poor Phoebe)
• (Car) Shop Til You Drop...Dead! (See above)
• The Blob that Ate Everyone (also me)
• My Best Friend is Invisible (since moving)
• It Came from the Internet! (My job)
• Earth Geeks Must Go (my coworkers)
• Are You Terrified Yet? (I know I am)

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